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  • Print Length: 77 pages
  • ISBN: 978-645-00-7038-4
  • Publisher: Rita Csiszár
  • Publication Date: December 15, 2019

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  • Listening length: ca. 160 minutes
  • Author: Rita Csiszár
  • ISBN: 978-615-00-7519-8
  • Narrator: Steven Wheatley and a group of international parents
  • Language: English

Important Questions and Answers on how to Raise Bilingual and Multilingual Children Successfully


Are your kids growing up with more than one language? Many parents give up raising their children bilingually or multilingually because of the everyday challenges they face. What should you do if your toddler understands your language but doesn’t speak it? Or if your school-aged child suddenly refuses to use your language? How can you avoid language-based conflicts within the family? Should we do anything about the mixing of languages in kids’ speech? Will children do worse at school if they speak another language at home? You can find the answers to these and many more questions in our audiobook on multilingual parenting.

Multilingual Kids Audiobook provides clear and trustworthy answers to more than 40 questions on multilingual parenting. This listener-friendly guide for parents is packed with practical advice, interesting personal anecdotes and solid scientific arguments. The discussion between an expert and a group of young international parents with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds deals with the most salient issues of everyday life with two or more languages. It focuses both on the benefits and the challenges of raising multilingual kids. The audiobook is accompanied by the script of the discussion to make it easier to follow.

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“I attended Rita’s workshop in Zürich and I also had a personal consultation with her on the multilingual upbringing of our baby daughter. I appreciated her thorough knowledge of the field, her great empathy and her clear and practical advice. Rita’s expertise and personal experience is a huge asset for parents of bi- or multilingual children.” Tea Petrovic, Zürich

“The audiobook is very practical, I enjoy learning the useful tricks on the go. As I have a bilingual background, I find it very relatable. I will definitely use it in the future with my hopefully trilingual kids.” Francesca Rose, LA. California

“The book successfully provides sound advice for parents and educators on how best to understand and nurture the amazing gift of being able to communicate from a very early age in two or more languages. Adults want the best for their children. By answering important questions about multilingualism, the booklet dispels myths and reassures caring adults that speaking more than one language is a help, not a hinderance, to learning and thriving in life.” Nancy Marie Wood, Lecturer in English linguistics, The University of Stavanger, Norway.

“Raising multilingual children isn’t rocket science. Multilingualism is a natural phenomenon: experts now widely agree that our brains are naturally wired for multilingualism. Yet, dealing with language-related issues amidst all the practical problems of a family’s everyday life is not always easy and the day care and educational systems in particular may pose special challenges for multilingual children. This audiobook provides an entertaining and down-to-earth approach to many relavant issues, without losing sight of the complexity of multilingualism, and helps in myth-busting: dispelling outdated beliefs and fears.” Johanna Laakso, Full Professor for Linguistics, Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria

“The audiobook coupled with the script of the conversations is an invaluable resource for any parent or educator raising bi- or multilingual kids in a multitude of settings and scenarios. This informative, straightforward and easy-to-listen guide sets out to answer the most intriguing questions and tackles some pressing concerns of todays multilingual families. The audiobook combines recent research findings with many years of personal experience in a seamless and convincing manner. Highly recommended.” Sándor Czeglédi, Associate Professor, English and American Studies Institute, Unversity of Pannonia, Hungary